alex amy allen

graphic design portfolio


A6 book exploring our digital passcodes

I am Alex Amy Allen, a graphic designer from Leeds, based in London. I specialise in editorial design, motion and typography.

My practise focuses on understanding the relationship between design and function,
which is presented through my bookmaking projects. Within these publications, I explore human relationships such as how people interact with digital spaces and the relationships with one another.

My further work explores the use of type, code and movement to create generative design systems. One of my favourites, '5JR' includes the exploration of a grid system and user input to create different outcomes.

While using my website, feel free to click on each project for more insight on their process.

‘Neal Street’
A5 book showing the staff and space
of Dr Martens Neal St.

‘Your Room’
A poem describing a space
literally and emotionally

Creative coding project to create a system which produces different visuals after user input.

‘Fishtank, Cinematic Realism and
Social Commentary,’

News article based on my university disseration, depicting the realities of
Andrea Arnolds ‘Fishtank’
Short experiment with gaussian blurr effect using famous a quote, ‘Type is what meaning looks like’

Creating a system defined by a clear rule set to produce different outcomes.
A3 Print depicting my movement whilst spinning, paired with a short poem.