alex amy allen

University Final Major Project, titled ‘****’. Encapsulating a visual journey of unlocking, where illustrations and typography converge to invite you to question the codes we use to safeguard our digital spaces. The A6 book explores digital passcodes, with purpose to carry the viewer on a voyage of unlocking.

The ringbound book experiments with different paper types to create a unique experience. Using transparent paper to create layers of designs which stack ontop of eachother. I wanted to question, what is used as a passcode? Face and pin. In a developing technological world, what qualities do we carry to influence our choices in our passcodes?

I aimed to take the person looking through this book on a thought provoking journey. Every aspect of the design has a purpose and meaning toward why it
is there and I hope that is reflected. The books intention was to visualise our digital passcodes in multiple ways and to question the safety of our choices behind our codes.

I wanted this book to mean more than just an interesting subject. Using vibrant graphic design to create a strong visual narrative and journey of unlocking the passcodes behind myself, Izzy, Aaron and Lilianne. Through the use of layered transparent paper with printed designs, it slowly unlocks new layers of the passcode and message. Paired with clear structured designs and colour coded systems.
The front cover, made of 3mm acrylic is intended to emualte a glass screen, similar to your mobile phone. I wanted the book to create a reflection when picked up, the face the viewer which is used to unlock their own phones.

The ‘glass’ cover also provides a weight to the book, making it feel more like a device. It takes away the fragility of the transparent paper and adds depth.

The creation of this book taught me to overcome design hurdles,
such as choosing the right binding techniques. Using different papers together without compromising the order meant I opted for a ringbind.

Everything put into this book was carefully considered and tested.